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'ABSTRACT ME' by: Vee Hee

Abstract Me !



Again it is Monday!
Yet another day
for me to lose myself in
or out of this loneliness.

There was no awakening call
to reshape this dementia.
It is what I knew it would be;
another bloody Monday!


Striving not to listen
not to hear
not to talk
Simply not striving
to see what should
really be.
And no, I will not touch you
or smell the aroma
of your exit.

Breaking Clouds

I am breaking apart.
Slowly, my mind swirling.
Engaged it is in what?

Wonder if I would
I could move forward
without being a being?
Just a wisp on a cloud.

Breaking, reshaping the horizon.
Drifting into blue hues.
Seemingly not to
have been here at all.

Prevailing sadness

Sadness triumphs
as I inhale
your leftover aroma
is what I will smell.

My memories, will be
at my prevailing

You have left
You have left
before you are gone.
You are gone
before you
have left.

It is over!



What was so glad
is now so sad.


My mind is capably rearranging
I am playing at imagining,
that you are you;
the same, but somehow
You should have been true,
but instead you are strange.
You are not
who you said you were.
And I am not in an
imaginary game.


I remember I was once...

Once I was beautiful,
now I am not.
I was young once,
now I am not.

You loved me once,
now you do not.

I love me now,
where once
I did not.

My lines of truth
lie open on my face.
Your lies lie
in the dark lines
of my remembered youth.


You were so hot

There was no denying that feeling.
The heat of your passion is what
made me so desirable to you.
Yet now I wonder
why I am so cool?

There is no forgiveness

I cannot forgive you.
I will remember everything you have done.
I have sunken lower than the lowest.

You have subjugated me.
You have taken me from me.
You have belittled and demoralised me.

We will live forever
in this unforgivable
memory of me.

We, who are like Winston
never surrender!

I have no mind

I have no mind for
never mind,
as I mind,
even that which
was never in my mind.

Graffiti ex nihilo

I, listening to voices with no sound;
abounding in everything existing,
all that I can assimilate into.
Driving all that my mind finds eschew,
dictating by invisible imagination .
Animism chewing at my universe,
that force’d compelling, empirical,
knowledge that has no hear’d voice.
Supplied me enough reason within,
without too much intrigue that binds
my breath to the link to reason.
Causing my personhood with a voice,
no other could argue at the depths,
aspiring to be not what is expected
remains that which is I!

The end of my tether

I am at the end
of my tether,
the end
of you!